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International: Postponed until new site.


Australia: Active.


United States: Active.


Tracking Orders: 



For item requests contact sdmonster on wickr or email sdm.co@protonmail.com


Additional Notes: Make an account before placing orders, so you'll recieve tracking information, if not contact me for tracking. 




PSA updates:



-The biggest supplier for AAS in Australia has committed suicide due to apparent ‘stress and depression’. Owner of one of the past brands and widely recognised in the community. 

-I’ll update the orders as soon as possible. 

- Ministry of Steroids and King Anabolics in stock.

- Do not order TrenE or MastE for personal use, use the short ester version as it is underdosed all throughout Australia. Not worth running.

- Euro Lab Pharma = Scammer, Underdosed, Unreliable

- Genpharma = Removed temp. for underdosing.

- Australian AAS Orals: Removed - Unreliable stock and underdosed.

-International Orders: Are still getting sent out no delays. 

- International orders have no reshipments, due to the extremely low prices.

- Australian Peptides 3 vials minimum.

- SDM never exit scams, suppliers scam SDM causing delays. SDM compensates and refunds. 

- If you didn't recieve something let me know because that just means my shipper either missed it or something is going on, everything gets processed by my side. 


Membership (Each membership has discount, coupons, and access to secret catalogues and sales which you get after spending X amount per month). 

Bronze Membership: $2000/Month

Silver Membership: $10,000/Month

Gold Membership: $30,000/Month

Platinum Membership: $50,000/Month

Diamond Membership: $100,000 Month

Important FAQ Notes

Global SDmonster

Offical sdmonster Introduction

Hey it's sdmonster (International Raws and AU Domestic Source)

Website: www.sdmonsterpharma.com


  • $10 Store Credit for Timestamped Dick Pics with a cute little hat posted on this thread.

  • $10 Store Credit for Anecdotal Review

  • $300 Store Credit for Blood Work

  • $200 Store Credit to whoever gets testing done via Janoshik on Raws.

Important PSAs by SDM

Consumer sterility is our priority PSA:https://www.reddit.com/r/Steroidsourcetalk/comments/6zqtd9/source_sdm_global_international_rawsaustralian


I've been reselling throughout the whole of AU with relatively cheap prices. I'm well known to sell Anabolic Innovations, Ministry of Steroids, Galactic Labs, Xlabs, Jungle Juice and such brand throughout to members of your forum, through posts from people who have bought from me privately weather it was through email or a encrypted messenger or website.

After many months upon months of you guys telling me to join SST I'm finally here.

So the usual, I'm a International Raws reseller and a Australian Domestic reseller, I have direct access to all major Australian labs as well as direct access to pharmaceutical companies accross the region, supporting my consistant stock. If you are in desperation for a chemist grade item please request though any request for benzos, fent, or any other DNM item will be denied.

I've been well known and mentioned on many steriod source talk forums mainly due to the reason of me carrying so much stock of various brands and range of items. Although keep in mind I am a reseller not a brewer. I ship my items all across to all parts of the world. With a current 100% sucess rate of australian domestic, and a 97%+ to all parts of the world some may find it hard to believe though it is how it is, the techniques which we use is sophisticated but simple enough that it gets the job done, that is getting it to you safetly and securely, trying to get it to you as quick as possible.

As I mentioned above I am not a brewer but rather a reseller/middleman who organises shipments to all parts of Australia currently with a 100% sucess rate and 97% sells raws throughout the world including all hard to get countries with a very high success rate.

I use dropshipping so it gets sent from many various locations cannot specify where exactly though I personally am travelling a lot, arounds states and to other countries as well though all orders can get shipped out through me within a click of a few buttons.

International Raws

  • We at SDM are so confident we our shipments we can assure you you will get it at minimum 96% of the time which is still significant. Plus due to increasing customs techniques we are offering free to 1x to Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan, China, and every other country, and up to 2x free shipments only to the USA.

  • High success rate with 97% + success rate to all countries with even higher success using Airmail.

  • If you're worried use standard airmail as that doesn't require signature. Which is basically assured shipping.

  • We update our shipping techniques every week so it's optimal for the SST community and also offer decoy parcels and 100% success rate for larger orders to get through past through customs.

  • Our range is so extensive that we provide raws of different types of compounds.

  • Legitimately the cheap and competitive prices

  • Shipping costs are $50 but this includes payment for our staff to keep in improving on the shipping techniques and also the stealth of the parcel. Honestly if you see it yourself you'll see that it is worth it (FEDEX, DHL, EMS, Airmail Express (Signature), and Airmail (No Signature).

  • Reshipments will be given only if you message me with a seizure note, as proof of evidence.

Shipping times: International Raws: 8-13 Days

Additional Note: If you don't find what you're looking for just ask it may not be listed.


Shipping times: Approximately 4 Days Though keep in mind there can be delays though you will be informed.

Though being x hours, the items get sent on the next business day prior to receving the tracking. I generally sell 4 independant list of items, which you can pay together for but gets sent out seperately.

Though doing this, operational security is on point, and have been in operation since 2012 without incidents.

Additional Australia Shipping Note

Also I would just like to add as soon as the order has been processed and sent out, I cannot provide refunds/reshipments due to trackings being unreliable in Australia as the workers in those places don't usually scan the tracking upon recieving leaving the tracking unupdated. So as a vendor it says that you haven't recieved your product when you really have granting you evidence to say I did not send the parcel and ship extra vials to you on top of the one you recieved, though if you have any problems related to not recieving your parcel let me know ASAP via. Wickr for 24/7 updates. This has happened before and it caused me to lose 40 vials and a reshipment of another 40 vials, then the person got back to me saying "Hey, I just recieved the first shipment as well as the seond one" fortunately he was honest about that. And that wasn't the first time, I can count 4 times that happened ton the top of my head but luckily they were all small orders, but just so happened when I finished talking to them the next day they suprisingly just received their package or someone (ie. Brother) was holding onto it for them and just didn't tell him.

You can see where I'm coming from I get really annoyed when people lie, and I keep track of everything. Lying won't get you far. Though if you did not recieve your package on a legitimate note, you can contact me and we'll see what we can do. Though keep in mind it only happened like 4-5 times throughout many years, and only one was legitimate and that guy ended up recieving his parcel also. Also I would like to suggest that you wait at least 4-5 business days before claiming it as lost. Also note, Au tracking is unreliable. I prefer sending it to homes addresses than POBOX's though it is up to you to decide where you want me to send it.

Furthermore, if you happen to be one of the unfortunate ones to recieve crashed vials upon recieving your parcel let me know as soon as possible.



  • International Raws Pricelist Sections:

1/4: https://ibb.co/gu6CPF

2/4: https://ibb.co/kaUcrv

3/4: https://ibb.co/mrAHrv

4/4: https://ibb.co/hoCada

If you need something that's not listed on any of the lists please ask, because most likely it'll be in stock.

The price list is too big that's why I have to upload it on that site and that link will get CONSISTANTLY updated as stock changes. Bulk orders, private message me.

Payment and Shipping

All orders are paid with BTC.

I work a bit differently as other sources as I have independant lists of items and your order is based on what you require from each list. I've been working like this for a long time with no issues and it gets shipped separately.

Contact Details

Wickr (24/7 Updates) username: sdmonster

Protonmail: sdm.co@protonmail.com

Turnover Reply Time: 15minutes - 48hours. Average 15 minutes.

Payment Method: Bitcoins.

Proof of Stock Pics

http://imgur.com/a/ydvAM ,

http://imgur.com/a/XuY3v ,

https://imgur.com/a/Qg263 ,

https://imgur.com/K8CR6uP ,

Update Status on Labs

Anabolic Innovations: Active

Pharma Grade List 1: Active

Peptide Powders: Active

Ministry of Steriods: Active (only selling Clen now)

Euro Lab Pharmaceutical: Active

Jungle Juice: Different name.

Vertex Pharma: Active

Lamborghini Labs: Available on request.

Alpha Anabolics: BUST

XLabs: Underdosed TestE. REMOVED.

Galactic Labs: EXIT SCAM

Syntha: Major delays. SCAM. REMOVED.

SARMS: Ran out of stock.

Future Developments

  • Soon: I'll have some test results up online as soon as I get sent them.

  • Soon: We at SDM are currently working in to offer worldwide domestic shipping to 12 major countries, currently we are going on about laws and which country would be ideal for it but also have a market.

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