Update: April/D29/Y2019



International: Postponed until new site.


Australia: Active.


United States: Active.


Tracking Orders: 



For item requests contact sdmonster on wickr or email sdm.co@protonmail.com


Additional Notes: Make an account before placing orders, so you'll recieve tracking information, if not contact me for tracking. 




PSA updates:



-The biggest supplier for AAS in Australia has committed suicide due to apparent ‘stress and depression’. Owner of one of the past brands and widely recognised in the community. 

-I’ll update the orders as soon as possible. 

- Ministry of Steroids and King Anabolics in stock.

- Do not order TrenE or MastE for personal use, use the short ester version as it is underdosed all throughout Australia. Not worth running.

- Euro Lab Pharma = Scammer, Underdosed, Unreliable

- Genpharma = Removed temp. for underdosing.

- Australian AAS Orals: Removed - Unreliable stock and underdosed.

-International Orders: Are still getting sent out no delays. 

- International orders have no reshipments, due to the extremely low prices.

- Australian Peptides 3 vials minimum.

- SDM never exit scams, suppliers scam SDM causing delays. SDM compensates and refunds. 

- If you didn't recieve something let me know because that just means my shipper either missed it or something is going on, everything gets processed by my side. 


Membership (Each membership has discount, coupons, and access to secret catalogues and sales which you get after spending X amount per month). 

Bronze Membership: $2000/Month

Silver Membership: $10,000/Month

Gold Membership: $30,000/Month

Platinum Membership: $50,000/Month

Diamond Membership: $100,000 Month

Shipping & Returns


After payment processing has been confirmed:

International shipments would take up to 7 Days
Special Orders of International Raws: 7-14 Days

USA we offer 2x Free Reshipments with a success rate of 97.8%
EU we offer 1x Free Reshipments with a success rate of 97%
Australia we offer 1x Free Reshipments with a success rate of 96%
Other countries 1x Free Reshipment.

If the reshipment fails to go through to you no refunds would be made.

Reshipments will be given when seizure notice has been emailed to us. 

There may be delays of parcels coming into you rcountry this is because the parcel needs to go through exports customs in China, and the imports customs of your country.


Australian Domestic Shipping Times:
Anabolic Innovation = 1-4 Days
Ministry of Steriods = 1-4 Days
Vertex Pharma = 1-4 Days
AusPharma = 1-4 Days
Quantum = 1-4 Days
Euro Lab Pharmaceutical = 1-4 Days
Growth Hormones/Peptide = 2-4 Days
Chemist Grade = 2-4 Days

If you do not recieve you order within given timeframe, please do not hesitate to contact us thank you.

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